Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trails! Shoes!

Got back to Paris Mountain last weekend for the first time in almost 10 weeks. I ran 2 loops of my usual course and was very surprised and happy to feel so well during it all. ~12 miles and no issues. The ground was quite wet from rain and a steady light rain the whole 2 hours, but it was still very nice to be back.
Still ramping my mileage up in preparation for the 40 miler on May 1st. My training goal is a new weekly mileage high of 55 miles, besting my 47.7 I ran a few weeks before the Chattooga 50k. That week in another month or so will include back to back 20 milers, on trails, likely back at Paris Mtn. I may see about getting down to Enoree Passage sometime and get some miles in...being somewhat familiar with most of the Chattooga run sure helped.
Speedwork this week was not pleasant. Enough said. Some minor shin pain has gone away.
I did get new shoes this week: another pair of ASICS GT-2150T - the trail version of my road shoes. Same color/style as my current pair (300+ miles on them so far, but I went up 1/2 a size to 12 to see if that helps the small blisters I get sometimes on the tips of my toes (and the 3 toenails I still haven't lost, but they are still hanging on at the edges...). 1st test run tomorrow on the road ,then back on the trails for an 18 mile test this Sunday (so I'll have to dodge bikes)


Psyche said...

Nice mileage, Guz! Can't wait to see you at Enoree- a special race for me as it was my first official "ultra".

p.s....hahaha! the word verification was "stairtm"- that should not be allowed on an ultra blog:)

imtheguz said...

Yep - hoping to keep it going! (and some words should Not be allowed!)
Take care Psyche!