Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stronger on trails?!

2 hours (~12 miles) at Paris Mountain on Saturday in a miserable rain. Ok - I wasn't that miserable - I was on trails and I was running. A bit cold (~46°) and wet, but it was enjoyable being out. I was thankful I have 2 pair of running shoes, jackets, etc - dry gear is nice! Back out Sunday for ~13.4 miles (2:13) and felt great. My left calf was a bit tight initially, but that warmed up quickly and did not bother me. Stayed cloudy, but no rain. Trail wasn't quite as wet as Saturday, when Many places had large puddles, and saw two ice formations.
For the weekend, I basically ran 4 laps: 2 each day, plus an extra lake loop on Sunday, with my last lap being the fastest. Am quite happy with that! I was supposed to be running 18 Sunday, but I cut it short due to a late start - life gets in the way sometimes and you have to do what needs to be done. My 40+ mile week will have to wait until this week.
Speedwork today (2mi warmup, 1.2k, 1k,800m,600m,400m, 1mi cooldown) went well at 5:30am. 6-7 miles Thursday and another weekend of back to back trail runs. Two more doubles after that, then a "recovery weekend" with one run before the Enoree 40miler! Getting nervous and excited about it. Hope things continue feeling this good; am already looking ahead to the 2012 Harbison 50k (Shhh - I want to break 6 hours).

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