Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to the roads

Finally getting time to write with too much work going on lately (last 6 months, but whatever). Last weekend was my first Long road run (over 10 miles) since the Myrtle Beach Marathon in mid-February. Huh, really?? Turns out I have been to the Paris Mountain trails (or the trail races elsewhere) 11 times in the last 11 weeks. I thought I'd take another weekend off the trails as I thought I was prepared enough for the upcoming Long cane 50k on May 29th.
 Started at 6am and 58° temps, so not bad. I run laps at Oak Grove Lake (I use 0.85mi/lap) and I was to do 20 laps. So how did I fare on a 17 mile road run?
You decide.
1st 4 laps: 7:46,7:15,7:52,7:53 = 30:48
2nd 4 laps: 7:44,7:43,7:46,7:42 = 30:57 (total time=1:01:45)

3rd 4 laps: 8:10,7:36,7:38,7:54 = 31:20, included water refill (total time=1:33:05)

4th 4 laps: 7:34,7:37,7:36,7:33 = 30:21 (total time=2:03:26). Hmmm, picked it up some.

5th 4 laps: 7:35,7:30,7:26,7:09 = 29:41 (total time=2:33:07)

I still felt great when I finished and had alot left. Wonder how log I could have gone on. I'm thrilled with a 9min/mile pace. Within a minute (faster) than Myrtle thru 17, but I was already going downhill there. Within a minute (slower) than Marine Corps, but again, went downhill fast. What I want to compare myself to is pace there was 8:32/mi - so although I am happy - still a ways off that time and easily breaking 4 hours.
I am quite sure I will get there.
(Did have some minor rt foot/arch pain that lingers a bit from the Enoree run or before)
1 week befiore Long Cane. Kind of a dulled excitement as I truly haven't had time to think about it. Terri's (RD) email blast yesterday got me going though and I am looking forward to checking out the maps and details soon. With ~100 total runners and I'd guess it being split with the 55mile option - it'll be interesting.
Seeing the winners time last year (Brian Kistner at 5:13, and Byron Backer at 6:28) - maybe breaking 6:00 - or even 6:30 isn't even possible for me. Extrapolating from the 55 mile times - 6:45 is more likely. We'll see!!

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