Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Cane 50k Tomorrrow and still undecided.

Weather update for tomorrow: 67° at 7am (start time). 76° at 10am. 83° around 1pm. So - not horrible. Hope the trail is shaded.
Been debating all week about my camelbak, 1 handheld or 2 handhelds...still undecided.
Dropbag? (or at least something to pick up at the halfway point?) Maybe.
Definitely only doing the 50k and not the 55mile, although I am sure I could do it.

Runs this week have been fine. Speedwork Tuesday was nice...on my 6x400m - was 6secs faster per lap than 4 weeks ago.
I keep saying I'm taking it easy after this race - and I still am, but I kinda wish I wasn't! I keep reading about trails, trail running - but I am still going to hit the roads until October. Maybe once a month I'll go out to Paris Mtn and run 12-ish miles. I think if I keep hitting 17 miles or so every other week at a minimum, I'll be fine.

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Psyche said...

6:34 in 90 degree, humidity from Hell weather? You need to reconsider time off from the trails, Guz! You are on a serious roll,and I'm jealous, I mean happy for you :))