Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heat and Wild Hogs!

Sun May 29
Mostly Sunny
91° HIGH
67° LOW

This is what awaits me in Abbeville Sunday. Went from a high of 83, to 88, now 91. Yuck. I just hope they have lots of ice at the race.

Then there's this from the trails website ( www.greenwoodmtb.com):

"Feral Hog Alert: Multiple wild hog sightings are being reported along the LCHT primarily but not excluded to low lying creek areas. Wild pigs are generally afraid of humans but may attack if they feel threatened (Particularly a Sow with babies). Many SC Hogs have been reported to carry Swine Brucellosis which is contagious to humans. When you are using the trail the best way to avoid an encounter is to make a lot of noise while riding, especially near creek areas. Please email us any sightings as the USFS is keeping a log in an effort to concentrate on problem areas."

Even more pleasant!

Let the suffering begin Sunday morning.


Kathrin said...

Sounds like you are in for an adventure! ;-) Be safe out there and good luck.

imtheguz said...

Thanks Kathrin!