Monday, July 18, 2011

Early long slow runs

Twelve weeks until the Chicago Marathon and I have just completed my first 20 mile training run for it. Last weekend was 6 Friday and another 17 on Saturday. After a tough speedwork session Monday (5x1000), my tempo run on Wednesday gave me a scare. Coming around a corner not considered "tight" by any stretch of the imagination, and one I have run by a thousand times or so, my ankle twisted somewhat. Didn't hurt initially and assumed all was fine as I finished up. The next morning though - a couple of inches up from my ankle - a tender spot. This has happened to me before and I thought I remembered it going away pretty quickly. I skipped my planned "extra" run Friday and put off my long run from Saturday to Sunday. I was a bit worried as I started out Sunday for my 20 miler, but my leg was feeling much better and have not felt a twinge since. Whew!
My 17 last weekend was wonderful...even pace-all the way to the end, slightly under goal, and felt Great!
This weekend's 20 - planned to be 15 secs/mi slower - was also Very good. Steady pace the whole way (didn't really slow down at all!). Overcast skies helped a bit, even with 69° temps. 

This was my earliest 20-miler in training....not that I have too many to compare to (and then that I actually had a lengthy training plan for). Am still close to my Charlotte Marathon Training, in terms of mileage/distance. Just a little off of speed, but that is ok - I think I'm in good shape!
Coming up soon: 18 mile long run, followed by 20 #2.

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