Sunday, November 6, 2011

Leaves everywhere!

I finally got back to my trails at Paris Mountain State Park: my friends Brissy Ridge, Kanuga, North Lake, and Pipsissewa. Yesterday I started my trail running/training season that will hopefully go on thru May or so. My renewed park pass is such a good deal....$50 for a years worth of free access. Small price to pay to support a local trail system.
My foray back onto the trails went well. Once I got out there - I remembered how tricky this season can be as leaves covered practically every rock and stick out there. Surprisingly -  made it thru unscathed except a little left ankle twist. This first loop felt so easy (similar to the post-Asheville Half run). Not that there is that much climbing on the loop I do, but I got so used to walking some stretches last year. This time - I think I ran my fastest loop ever (under 56 minutes). A 2 minute break to swap water bottles, and back out for loop 2. Legs felt it a bit, but can't complain with only a ~2 minute longer loop.
Random notes: Quite a few people out (2 runners), upper lake was quite low, but beautiful. Trees were still turning yellows and oranges.
-Very happy for Jason for completing his 2nd 100 miler at Pinhoti this weekend!! I'm in awe of the dedication and determination...congrats.
-Jason for a distance PR at Pinhoti! What an effort!
-Dan and Charles at Pinhoti...tough luck Dan (and I still don;t knwo what ahppened to Charles, but he always makes the best of everything!)
-Team D.N.R. for another SOLID performance at Ragnar Tennessee!! What was I thinking that I didn't joi in this time?! Looked like so much fun - as it always time - Guz is in!
-My co-worker who completed her first Half marathon this weekend in Savannah! Yes - it was tough, but you did it!

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