Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8.5mi - where did my cardio go?

Seven days off with no exercise at all following a post-marathon recovery week really showed that fitness is negatively affected with time off. I went out for ~8 miles on Sunday after my test run on Friday. Started off fine, speed was decent, although I probably should have gone slower. Felt slow, but stayed steady, took my standard walk breaks. Never felt great, and never felt poor until the last .1mi when my knee became sore. Lucky for me - I was stopping at 8.5 miles anyway. I was doing 8:50/mi but my cardio was really lacking.

Hoping it comes back soon.

This week planned 25+ miles (6 today was just fine) including 12-15 on trails this weekend (just not sure where).

So many races this weekend:
Paris Mountain 15k
Shut In Ridge Trail Run
Pinhoti 100
and lastly - Team DNR is back and going to Tennessee for Ragnar. Go Goons!!
Best of luck to all those runners!!

1 comment:

Kathrin said...

The goons are going to be miss you at Ragnar.

I will keep my fingers crossed, that you'll fell normal in no time!