Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Next Races; Speedwork update.

So I am now signed up for the Seashore Nature Trail 50k. This will be on Dec 17th in Virginia Beach, VA and I'll be running again with my brother. Since he just finished his 1st marathon (Chicago) in 17 years, and he never wants to run, well, train for, another one - he thought he'd get an ultra under his belt. No real chance of us losing each other at this one!
I don't expect to be in the best shape, but as this is relatively flat, I should be ok. My brother on the other hand - he'll survive, with even more limited training.

While I was at it - I went ahead and registered for the Harbison 50k in Columbia, SC on January 7, 2012. I have a goal to break 6 hrs there, beating last year's time by 38 minutes. With my odd knee injury for some 6 miles or so last year, I think it's possible - just have to see how I recover from Seashore.

As an aside - my speedwork session yesterday was interesting. Slogged thru my 2 mile warmup, then was to do a reverse ladder: 1200k, 1000k, 800k, 600k, 400k, with 200m Rest Intervals. I still had it on my schedule with 3:40 marathon goal times. I hit these during my Chicago training.
1200k: 23 secs slow. Wow this is bad.
1000k: 6 secs off.
800k: actually felt I could Run again! 5 sec off.
600k: Guess my legs needed a reminder. 1 sec off.
400k: 3 seconds under goal pace.

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