Sunday, July 5, 2009


I got 90% done with this post, then lost it all. We'll see how far I get this time!
Felt rather good after last weekend's 10 miler and had high expectations for the coming weeks. Monday had my lunch time yoga class, but had some foot pain that evening that stretched into Tuesday. Ran that morning anyway, cancelled my trail run and walked 9 holes of golf after work instead. May not have been the best idea. My left foot hurt enough Wednesday and Thursday that I actually took Aleve - which I hardly ever do. Seemed to have sign of PF - plantar fasciitis, pain on the mid-sole of the foot (less so on the actual heel). I think I over stretched it during yoga class. I have Never had that pain before in my 9+ years of running. I added some gel heel inserts in my shoes on Thursday morning. Iced it some also and by Friday was feeling better. Even though spent alot of time on my feet for the 4th of July festivities, felt good enough to run this morning. Knew I'd not be doing my scheduled 14 miler as indicated in the 14th week marathon plan). Hoped for about 8. Not terrible out and had some rain that you couldn't even feel - ended up running about 7, plus walked 1 just to cool down. Late in the day now and I feel no worse. Planning a normal week, until I fly to Phoenix Thursday afternoon for a reunion. I will get some running/hiking in out there. More on that later!

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