Tuesday, July 21, 2009


OK - so I have been slacking off on my posts. Baby, travel and guests all had a major hand in it for the last 16 days. Over the last 2 weeks - what's new? A few average runs before heading to Arizona and a HS reunion. No runs or hikes there (in the 115° weather) but did ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes and spent quite a bit if time in the pool. This past week (w/guests) ran 4 days, but nothing longer than 5 miles. Met some of the BRR team for the first time as we ran up the road (and back down) to the top of Paris Mtn (in the park, which really isn't at all like it seemed on the other side of the mountain). I walked quite a bit to keep a fellow teammate company. Not sure if the hills led to some slight left sole (PF?) pain the came back the next day. Bah.
Decided on my runs last week that either the weather/heat has really taken its toll on my endurance or it's the lack of long runs - but it has just been hard out there lately and a fall marathon is 90% off the books. Was down to 66° this morning and had a very good 6 miler - so that was nice. Registered for the Paris Mtn 7k in August, so we'll see if hills make my foot act up again. Would love to run at Paris Mtn to train for that, but it's hard coming home so late with my wife taking care of the baby all day long. Maybe I'll get out there once before then. We did buy a 12 month park pass, so we should at least get some hiking in.
As I said - I met some of my BRR teammates...and we have 11 now, with a 12th likely. That is a relief as we certainly have some members that are struggling thru injuries and/or lack of running. Think there are now 2 that I have not yet met...
Need to add another pair of my 2130's into the rotation (by that I mean start a rotation). I may need a 2nd pair ready for the BRR.
This is a rambling post - but things are disjointed, so why not?
Unsure if I will do the GTC 2 miler next week. Would not expect to do what I had originally hoped (under 13), but should still PR (by beating 14:18). I'm Way down in the running series standings, and have not done speed work at all lately. No need to decide before next week.
That's all for now...will try to be better about posting.

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