Thursday, July 30, 2009


So the GTC 2 miler on Tuesday did not happen due to weather. Was unsure before I left to go out to Furman as the clouds were dark in that direction. never did rain, but did see some lightening, so I was not surprised by the decision. Probably just as well though - I hadn't been doing speed work and more than likely would have been disappointed in my time. As you know - I don't run well in the heat, and 84° and humidity definitely qualify!

It did throw off my schedule for the week. Missed my Tues run, so that was moved to Wed morning. My Wed x-training to Thursday, but something came up at lunch, so today was a rest day. Tomorrow I will run and see how I feel - hoping for 5-7. Saturday is back to Paris Mtn for a hike with the Kelty and 25 lbs.
Yes - that is an actual photo! I hope to spice things up a little - not that it will garner my blog more followers, but it is more fun for me to look at too!
Sunday is my long slow run and I must learn to run slow if I am to run that far right now. Plus - starting earlier so I am done before the sun comes up over the trees there - even if that means starting at 5:15am.
On another note - the Blue Ridge Relay is getting closer - 6 weeks from today I'll be heading up to Boone, NC to stay the night before the race start. Smack talk has begun among the 100 or so teams (I doubt anyone is smack-talking the guy running the whole 208 miles by himself; I personally think he shouldn't be allowed as then it technically isn't a relay!). Should get interesting. Once I actually see the other two blogs where this is occurring - I'll post links. Egads - First photos, and Then links? Whatever will I come up with next??
(PF is still on and off - today was a good day).

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