Sunday, July 26, 2009

run & hike

So my self-diagnosed PF came back this week. Nothing major, but there. I need to look up remedies again because I really haven't changed anything. Good week though...after my nice 6 miler Tuesday, Cross trained Wed with time on the rowing machine, elliptical and bike. Ran 5+ more Thursday morning, then today got out and ran 10. Wanted to stop at 6 or so, but did make it all the way. Just hot and tired (70 this morning at 6am), legs felt it - although I enjoy the feel my legs get when I am pushing past the point where I want to stop. Got home, showered, ate (again) and headed out again. Yesterday - we received a package we had ordered earlier in the week...a Kelty Kids backpack. Perfect for our 8 month old and I wanted to try it out. Off we went to Paris Mountain State Park. 3+ miles later, baby was asleep on my back and it was time to head home. Definitely will take getting used to - carrying 25+ pounds on my back, but right now I only feel it in my shoulders. Think a pack adjustment is needed before the next outing!
Ran into a BRR teammate on the way home - she's just as excited as I am about it, even though I am the only one she knows. We are planning to get out for one of the Tuesday evening Paris Mtn trail runs with some other BRR-ers. Less than 7 weeks left!
Still undecided on the track run Tuesday, leaning towards yes since a coworker is running it. Will post again after that...

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