Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let the Marathon training begin!

16 full weeks away - and alot can happen in that time, is the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon. I did 30 miles this week, which is high for me in pre-training, but now I get to do specific runs each week, including speedwork. Not looking forward to that. With the constant worry about nagging "injuries" - that may not help. Had a new ache this week - Thursday night and during my extra Friday morning run, my right arch was sore. My right calf fluctuates with soreness, but then today - I ran for 1 hour 59 minutes - 13.8 miles and there was no pain anywhere! I felt good and even did one decent hill at the end. Looking forward to the cooler temps this week - lows in the low 60's!
Started reading Ultramarathon Man last week. Stayed up and read an hour and a half last Wednesday night - all about his 1st Western States 100. He's got raw talent - it's not like anyone can go out and do what he did. Crazy...
Have a group meeting this Wednesday to go over our Blue Ridge Relay stuff. So it's probably more of a reason to drink and eat pizza. Ok - just drink, but we'll eat too. Less than 2 weeks away. Aside from the hills, and being restful , I'm ready.

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Kathrin said...

Hey Guz... Good luck for the marathon training, crossing my fingers for you that the time will be injury free! :-) See you Wed at the team meeting!