Saturday, December 5, 2009

One week to go!

One week from today is the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon. Spent some time on the website today - can't help but looking at the elevation chart. Compared it to NYC, San Diego, the Paris Mtn run I did last weekend. No need to look at Spokane - that would just depresss me. Paris Mtn is the closest...and that was spread out over 12.4 miles (well, not really spread out!) instead of 26.2. Oh well - little to do now. I ran 6 miles of hills Tuesday as one last tough run. Calves are what was feeling it on that run, but my time was good for that course (ICAR) compared to other times I've run it. My last "long" run is 10 miles tomorrow. Funny how anything under 15 doesn't seem long anymore!
There will be music along the course. Every little bit helps although it is rare it helps too much.
I should be riding up with some BRR teammates - they were very kind and offered me a ride up there!
Finally a race with GU - my race fuel of choice! But what flavors?!? Still may carry mine if I don't know the flavors.
Still no time goal...planning on going out comfortable and hopefully will hang onto the 4hr pace group when it catches me in the last few miles. If not - no big deal. (I will be disappointed, but for good reason and I really am ok with that - I haven't run enough to truly feel 100% ok with it).
Weather for race day: Few showers, low of 40, high of 52. Great temp wise (it had a low of 38 two days ago, so it could change), but rain is not great when it is a cold rain. It had rain for Fri, Sat and Sun recently, but now just Sat - so my fingers are crossed!
Starting to get excited/nervous. Wonder if I can squeeze in a marathon movie/book this week?!

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