Sunday, February 7, 2010

Course video

Getting almost daily emails from the Myrtle Beach Marathon, which isn't a bad thing. Today's had a video of the whole course in just under 3 minutes. Nice article too about the 10 mile stretch along the beach (that we may be able to see between the hotels, etc), and a few curvy sections.
Had my last "long" run today of 10 miles. Meant to go slow, but maybe it was because my wife was pushing my daughter around the loop in her stroller and I went way faster than I meant to. Oh well, felt ok. Those minor things that "may" pop up next weekend...weak left knee? arch blister from trail shoes or do I hope my ankle thing from 2 weeks ago wasn't my shoes and wear my normal 2130's?
May have some company on my 8:50/mile plan. Terry (Charlotte Marathon/BRR/P200) may run with me until he feels he can push it harder after mile 18-20. That would be good for both of us.

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