Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ice Run, MB update, P200 update

So we had a couple inches of ice come down Friday night, and it never got above freezing on Saturday - so by the time I went out for my 13 mile run Sunday around 11am, there was still plenty of ice out there. Wasn't going to let that stop me. My 0.85 mile loop had about half of it covered in ice, so I ran on the crunchy sheet of ice on the edge of the road when I had to, and slowed down on the rest of it - didn't want to aggravate new muscles of slip and fall. Ipod wasn't charged so I got to listen to the ice under my feet and falling from the branches. There were actually 3 other runners out there after about an hour, and I ran with one guy for 3 laps or so. Nice guy, training for Boston after running 3:15 last year at Myrtle. Sped up to stay with him, then promptly slowed down for my last 2 laps. No need for speed at this point, although I am still doing my prescribed speedwork. Been in the gym lately for those during the week runs - just haven't felt like being cold, wet, or both. Good news for Myrtle Beach though - my buddy is running it. May not be a pleasant experience for him, but maybe we'll get to run together again!
Palmetto 200 update: Still at 11 members - had one "possible" become a "negative". People are picking their spots too - good thing I chose when I did - I really wanted to leg over the Isle of Palms Connector, so it looks like that one is mine. That's it for now. I keep modifying my training schedule for the next 3 months...after MB, we'll see how it works out!

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