Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last post before race!

Latest weather - it's gotten worse: Start temp of 32 and precipitation (rain/sleet/snow), but with a wind of 18mph from the North/northwest making it feel 10 degrees colder. Should stop raining or whatever by the halfway point and get up to 38° by my expected 10:30am finish. Completely unsure what to wear. Will just my running tights be enough on my legs? Standard hat and ear protection or stocking cap and face guard? 3 layers on top? wind breaker? Green Valley shirt?
So many decisions!
Did my last 3 training miles on the treadmill. Felt harder than it should have going at an 8:49 pace.
Looking forward to the Expo, seeing the Palmetto 200 guys and maybe some other Greenville runners. Best of luck to everyone!!

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