Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Speedwork, weather, Bib

My last speedwork before the big run and nothing new. Hit my times (6 x 400 @ 1:44)and felt fine. Still wary about the shoes though. Seems both my trail shoes and my current pair of 2130's have similar miles on them. But - I was wearing my 2130's when my ankle became sore and my trail shoes (2120T's) sometimes give me a small blister on my right arch after 10-15 miles. Hmmm - tough decision. I'd put a voting thing on here if I thought there would be one cast.
Weather still looks decent - well, now that I check it yet again, it was decent this morning. Now - low of 31° still, but possible snow showers and wind of 14mph from the NNW. (Wonder what the gusts will be up to?). Wind may not be so bad as we run our 10 mile stretch up Ocean Blvd in the NNE direction. Will have to remember to run on the opposite side of the road. High of 44°. Still thinking shorts, but we'll see how the wind is.
My bib # is 4888.

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MN said...

Right now, weather.gov shows winds of 9-14...we'll see. GOOD LUCK!