Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back to the Long run...

No mention of the switch to Daylight Savings after this sentence. :-)
Moved my Sat. long run to Sunday on account of a late night Friday, so got up at 4:50am this morning for an 18 miler. Will post more (hopefully) on this soon, but let's say it went great! 2:42 - No pains and ran comfortably with the 2nd half a bit faster than the first half. Only saw 2 cars the entire time, and only 1 person until the last 2 miles, so it was just me out there doing loops, watching the slow sunrise and the geese/ducks on the lake.
Hit 36.7 miles this week (my 3rd most ever) but "should" beat that next week, staring with 6.8 tomorrow. If my schedule holds - I will end up with ~41 next week (or ~59 over a 7 day period! eek!)

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