Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail

For a great description of the Swamp Rabbit - See
Megarunr's blog.
I have only been on it once as part of the 2009 Spinx Half Marathon, but this was a new section for me. After my 18 mile trail run at Paris Mtn, I went over to Travelers Rest to meet my wife/daughter and some friends. They had already walked there from Furman, so I met them, ate, and walked back with them. Nothing like adding some easy miles to my already longest-distance week! It's true what is said about it - it's pretty flat, well used with bikers, walkers, a rollerblader (I actually knew her!) and runners.
Still no soreness from my run - I am pretty excited about that!
This next week will dial the miles back a little to about 38 - and I may do something new next weekend, we'll see!

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