Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reedy River 10k Race Report

Decent week training - two yoga classes bookending two ~7 mile runs before the Reedy River Run Saturday morning. The 33° temp at 8am felt more like 40° and the sun was very nice. Saw alot of friends (DNR team, GTC friends) and I as looking for a rabbit to run me a 45:59. My PR was from Cooper River 2001 where I ran 46:04. Hadn't run under 49 until last year's 47:14 and this is the only distance I did not PR in 2009. PR's in the 5k, 8k, 10mi, half marathon, 30k and full marathon, and I was truly doubting my ability to ever break the 10k one. It was definitely an abnormality in the whole range of my PR's - -how did I ever run that fast?
At the start I found my rabbit - KB, who had a very similar time in the Green Valley race even though she is clearly a better runner than myself. We found ourselves up front just behind the elites (and just ahead of some walkers) and crossed the start line 4 seconds after the gun. Two quick left turns and we were off on a fast pace. Too fast it seemed and I was right as we went thru in 7:03. Kept it up thru the next two miles running side by side with KB in 7:07 and 7:06 splits. Three miles in 21:16. Hmmm, what is my 5k PR again? 22:06?! So I was Ahead of my 5k PR by about 10 seconds. Yep - too fast. KB kept going, but I kept her in my sights as I slowed, but kept pushing. That 4th mile - should have been a good one in Cleveland Park, but ran 7:27. Still had plenty of time to spare. A little left calf soreness, and something on one of my right toes (a blister? no way!?) but I trudged on with 7:29. A few more hills in the last mile as I tried to do the math...if I hit 6 miles in about 44:40, I'd be close! Clock read 44:03 and I knew I had it. Still pushed as I knew the faster I ran, the sooner I'd be done, and more satisfied I'd be with breaking my old PR. Hit the mat in 45:24!! Another 40 seconds off my PR. I keep surprising myself, even with not so fresh legs. Felt great afterwards (calf soreness went away quickly and the toe thing I forgot about until I took my sock off and the was blood all over one toe. No blister - but a nail had cut into the next toe. Must take care of that before the next run!)
Having a race threw off my schedule, so I planned to run Sunday. Ended up working out that Paris Mtn fit into our day, so one loop around the upper lake (dodging many bicycles) and then down to Lake Placid for about 8.25 miles. Somewhat heavy legs, but a minute faster around the upper loop than my first loop last week, and a quick trip downhill before leveling off on the Mountain Creek trail.
I need to slow down a good bit for next weekend's run - 3 loops = 18miles.As tough as it is on my legs - I hope that means they are getting stronger!!

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