Sunday, May 30, 2010

Race Numbers

So - The Paris Mountain 15k Trail race was my 90th official event. I was bib #61 and as I am puttng my race details into my spreadsheet, I wonder how many events it will take for me to get a duplicate bib number. Anyone out there know that random bit of information for themselves? I imagine if I continue to do smaller races where it is likely the bibs will start with #1 and go up from there, that my chances are growing quickly. I only have 20 of the first 100 numbers, and I don't see ever getting bib #1.
I'll have to take a photo of all mine and attach it on here one day, since I have all but one or two of them.
(Added 6-3-10)

Well - this entry can be ignored. I just realized I have a duplicate bib #.
26th Greenville News Run Downtown on Feb 15, 2003 and the 27th Reedy River Run 10k on March 6th, 2004.
So it took only 30 events.
Ok - how many events to the Second duplication?!


Kathrin said...

And? Is filling the spreadsheet and looking for duplicate numbers your choice of activity during taper madness?? ;-)

imtheguz said...

The spreadsheet is an almost daily activity! Taper activities? Short 3 mile runs in the rain and contemplating the actual 50k event.