Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tapering! Traveling. Triathlon?

Gotta love tapering! Backed off to 3 days of running - 6.8 miles, 5.1, then a long run of 17-18, so I can hit 30 for the week. Of course the aggravating "injuries" are showing up too. Odd hamstring pains flare up during my long run, only one or two and never amount to anything, but it's still very odd I've never felt anything like it before. I guess I must have did something to my big toe on my right foot last weekend during m,y last 20+ miler. Feels like I bruised the bone or something - right on the soft fleshy part. It is usually ok during my long run and it certainly didn't keep me from my 17 yesterday. Today I adjusted my step a little as I cut grass (more hill-work) and later on, the top of my foot was sore as well. At least that is fine now.

I have to travel for work this week (Mon- Thurs), so I may just take some time off my feet. This is probably the best week to do that too.

So back in 2003 & 2004 I became a Triathlete. I did the Riverlink Triathlon, a 4mi run, 5mi paddle (on the French Broad), and 12mi bike. I never really considered myself one..but I guess I could. Well I noticed this past week that the Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville is bringing a Triathlon back - this time it is a 1.5mi run, 2.5 mi paddle, 11mi bike and 1.9mi run. Same distance (except much shorter paddle), just splitting up the run segment. I will be putting this on my schedule for next year! It gives me reason to actually get my bike fixed up!

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