Monday, May 3, 2010

Palmetto 200 super short recap!

Finished in 30 hrs 23 minutes! Tons of fun. 2 hrs of sleep from 5am-7am Saturday morning.
Pre-run 1: Almost late. Hot. Hot. Bad garmin. Anxious.
Leg 1: Warm, short (1.7mi), 12 minutes, practically side by side with Amelia from another team.
Break 1: Sore right calf & possible blister? No sleep. Ridiculously Hot.
Leg 2: 7.7mi. 1:02. Nighttime. Calf iffy, blister ok. Traffic, little shoulder to run on, Cross Sportz Bar, Humid.
Break 2: Some sleep. Light rain for 5 minutes.
Leg 3: 7.3mi. 1:04. Calf iffy. Over IOP Connector Bridge. Caught few runners. Overcast turned SUN and HOT. Head in sprinkler - relief! Sullivan's Island bridge view of ocean (and exchange zone) was wonderful.
Finish: Very glad! FUN dinner with Van 2, other teams, wife/daughter.
Vacation for week - photos when return!

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GeorgiaSnail said...

Sounds like fun...look forward to the photos