Sunday, January 30, 2011

12 miles

Another short post as I am just updating my progress in deciding whether or not to go thru with the Myrtle Beach Marathon in 3 weeks. Right now I am 80% "Yes". Two 6 mile runs with no knee pain during the week and 12 miles this morning (in shorts again even with 38° at 6:15am start time) that were a bit slow compared to my typical pre-marathon pace, but I made it. Legs felt decent for a few miles in there (~6-9), but twinges here and there makes me wonder how another 14 will feel. It will hurt, but I can get thru it. I think. Thoughts on race pace (as of today, before any real soreness creeps in, if it is going to): would be happy with 2:00 for the halfway, then a struggle to finish by 4:30. I think I'd push it if possible to not be slower than 4:18, my finish time at my 1st one in 2001.
The way the weather has been - wouldn't surprise me at all if another snow storm hit. Marathon isn't even sold out, so alot of people seemed to be avoiding it on purpose.

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