Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slow start

So I have not been running since last weekend when I tried to run 7 miles. Got thru 4 before my right knee and hamstring started acting up. Walked the last 3 home. Blah.
Will try it again tomorrow!
Not sure about anything right now (Myrtle Beach in 4 weeks?!) or any goals for the year except to break 4 hours at the Chicago Marathon in October with my brother. Registration opens Feb 1st (midnight CST), entry fee costs $145 and closes at 45,000 runners. We are there.

Haven't even been motivated to go to the gym except once this week. Yes, I have had more injuries this year than then last 2, and my mileage has gone up 20%...thinking I need a longer/higher base before I jump into more 50k's (or longer), even though they do seem to go decently (injuries aside)

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