Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Year in Review

Finally getting to this, only 2 weeks into 2011.
It was a wonderful year for me running wise, more miles than ever before, longer distances than ever before. Wasn't concerned with time/speed for the most part, just focused on more distance. I did have a couple of injuries that had me take a few weeks off here and there, but overall - a good year!
-1492 miles (injury the last 2 weeks saw me miss my 1500 mile year, but still, a 20% increase over 2009)
-12 events (for the 4th time out of the last 5 yrs - there was a 14-event year in 2008)
-1-10k (PR at Reedy River, breaking my 9 year PR by 40 seconds); 2-15k trail runs, 1-10miler, 1-20k, 3-trail half marathons, 1-marathon (Marine Corps, with Myrtle Beach being canceled due to snow), 1-50k trail races, and 2-200+ mile (12 person team) relays.
-Yes, my 1st 50k at the Chattooga River. An amazing experience and the highlight (with my 10k PR) of my year.
-238 days total running, walking, working out (241 last year)
-Ran on 50 weekends (Either Sat or Sun); missed 2 consecutive weekends due to semasoiditis.
-Weekly mileage range was from 0 the last partial week of the year (also had 4 & 7), or 5 weeks under 10 miles, to 47.7 (4 runs over 5 days) and 7 weeks over 40 miles.
-Injuries of note: 1. Seamsoiditis on left foot, appeared few days after Chattooga 50k. Lingered for 6 weeks where I ran a total of 81 miles. Began wearing off the shelf orthotics since then. 2. Inflamed tendon in right foot, almost jeopardized my 1st race of 2011 but did cause me to miss my 1500mile-year goal.
-Just one note about the summer - it was BRUTALLY HOT compared to the last few years.
-Relays and relay teams were both wonderful, amazing, tiring, but so fun!
-Increased my trail running and hope to continue it in 2011.

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