Monday, January 10, 2011

Still re-living the Harbison 50k

...and still feeling the pain. Trudging thru 6+ inches of snow this morning made my knee ache some more. Hopefully I can get back to something soon. Not sure what the cause was...Many twists and turns on the course, uneven footing, brand new (generic) orthotics, the last 3 weeks with 2 runs, starting up the stationary bike during that time, 7 times for a total of 75 miles?? Not enough of a running base? Shoes only have 200 miles on them. Hmm, who knows?

Random tidbits:
34th out of 93, with 20 DNF's. I knew there were alot of 1st timers out there. Wonder how many passed me in the first 5 miles and dropped...
Looked like alot of close finishers to one another. 3 within 46 seconds of me too (Guess I did hear footsteps!). I never paid any attention to which runners were at the aid stations. Guess that is where I passed Ty & David. They were Very happy when they finished (Ty's longest before this was Shut in at just over 18 miles I think - awesome!!)
Some amazingly fast runners/times: 4:11 for Mark Lundblad, 4:14 Jim Sweeney! Anne Lundblad in 5:03 to win the females by almost an hour.
Was happy to cheer on some people finishing and see how happy they were...I know the feeling! (But that log in the final stretch - why?? I went around it.)
And the wind? Yeah - it blew down the finishing clock.

Running alone:
Not sure what it is about me and running alone. It happens more often than not, and I assume since I train alone, it doesn't affect me as much as it may affect others. I certainly enjoy the company during races (still hesitate to call any of these events "races"), but my pace just must be that odd. Whether it is a 20 mile training run alone or 20 miles in an event, especially on trails - I am just enjoying being out there. New trails or old trails - it's just peaceful.


Kathrin said...

Hope you are back to normal soon... The snow will keep us all from running for another couple of days.

And once again congrats for another successful ultra finish!

imtheguz said...

Thanks Kathrin. Thought I was "healed", but my 7 miler today turned into another walkfest. Gotta give it some more time.

DanHartley said...

The log was going to be moved at the finish, but it is affixed to the ground somehow...I think with some very long rebar. Next year, I think we're going to set it on fire for the runners to jump over prior to the finish!