Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last post before Chicago Marathon. Predictions!

Runner Tracking is up:

This will text you 3 splits (10k, half, 30k) and the finish time during the race on Sunday.
I am bib 8219 and my brother is bib 8509 - we should be nearly identical.

Weather update: keeps getting warmer: expected start temp: ~60°. High temp: 75°
Not quite records temps (88°), but still warm enough to make me a bit miserable.
Windermere Marathon 2009 temps? Sunburn again too? Hoping not.

Had a wonderful speedwork session Tuesday. 6x400m @ 1:39 goal pace. Averaged 1:36. Very happy. Tomorrow's final run is an easy 3.4 mi (with 2mi at 8:23).

Plan and Prediction:
Plan: Run around 9:00min/mi as long as we can, Running with the 4hr pace group once they catch us, then holding on as long as we can!

As I will likely be limited by my brother, here is what I foresee:
Start with slowest pace group in our Corral (C): 3:50 (8:46/mi), but let them get ahead as we run closer to 9min/mi.
We'll do that (with or without the pace group) thru at least 16 miles, hopefully 18. We'll stay under 10min/mi thru 21 or 22. Finish close to 11's. Final Time:  4:09
(Just like Marine Corps 2010)

If things go better - I can see us finishing aroud 4:04.

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