Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post Marathon Recovery

So it has been just over a week since Chicago. Plane ride home was fine...my brother got me an early X-mas present at the expo: Compression socks. Wore them at the airport and overnight and I can say I had no calf issues. Legs felt decent overall that night too. However - Monday, I noticed some bruising below my left ankle, right down the outside of my foot. It was tender to the touch and walking made it hurt. Can't remember doing anything particular to it that weekend...just put some road miles on (5-Fri, 5-Sat, 28 or so Sun). Put some Arnica on it 2x/day and nothing else.

By Tuesday, decided to skip my planned Wednesday run. Thursday felt a good bit better, but not 100%. Friday I ran even though I was not yet at 100%. Bruising was practically gone and my 4.3 miler was good. Surprised how fast my pace was.
Sunday's run was not great. Didn't get out until noon, under the sun and 78°. Went out too fast (and added some small hills), so I struggled for most of my 8+ mile run. No foot issues and I am saying it is gone, whatever it was.

Today - Nice easy-paced 6 miles thru the ICAR campus, my "hill" workout, that I hope to make my more normal route. Felt so good, will do it again tomorrow and hopefully Thursday. Then - I am taking a planned week off...got some things to do. Then - Camp Croft Trail Half Nov 12 and registering/training for Seashore Nature Trail 50k in December.

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