Saturday, October 29, 2011

Return to running

So my scheduled week off - no running, no walking, no exercise period (FYI - had a small procedure, doctors orders to rest - all is fine)- went by too slowly. So yesterday morning, I got back into it by going to the track and easing back into running. 4.5 miles, walking .25mi, then running .75 mi. repeat. No issues at all, so tomorrow I'll go out and see how 8 or so feels. The Camp Croft (Trail) Half Marathon is only 2 weeks away, so next weekend I will be be back on the trails...and hopefully most weekends until next summer!
Still waiting to decide on the Seashore Nature 50k (7 weeks away). Still need to register for the Harbison 50k (10 weeks out). Mount Mitchell Challenge still scares me.

The Spinx Runfest here put on by our Greenville Track Club is going on right now....lots of first-time marathoners today. Almost perfect weather - why can't I be that lucky...about 42° at the start, sunny and almost 50° ~4 hours later. Looks to be a bit windy though. Good luck to those running!

So next week - start slowly ramping up the miles, and will skip speedwork one more week.

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