Friday, November 14, 2008

Ankle...Paris Mtn. 7 months of weekends!

So no baby yet - but we Really think it will arrive in the next 10 days! Ran once last week for a whole 2 miles before my left ankle started to feel like I should walk. Been cross training since, will Not run this weekend - can't say when the last time That happened! Actually - I can...going to my spreadsheet...I was sick and didn't run on a Sat or Sun the weekend of April 5-6! Wow..had no idea it had been that long! Missing the 1st Paris Mtn 20k training run tomorrow, but if things work out - I will get out there next weekend for my 1st venture running up the mountain! Then again - if the baby comes, never mind. Hoping I can keep some semblance of running-shape during this adjustment/recuperation. Won't know until I get back out there a few times.
Going to watch Marion online at San Antonio and send her healthy/quick thoughts this weekend!! I'm excited for her attempt to qualify for Boston. A non-running friend of mine sent an email congratulating me on NY and asked if I "was interested in Boston"? If that was all it took!? Oh well...if I run like this in 20 years I may make it!
Halfway thru watching "Run For Your Life" - the Fred Lebow story. So far so good. Interesting old footage.

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