Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Ran today/Ankle. Running Series

I did run at work today (The ICAR Campus!) in the nice cool weather - Little windy, but great otherwise! I had not noticed my left ankle for a couple of days, so went out for a 4.2 mile run around ICAR. Started to feel my ankle slightly around the 2 mile mark and never got bad, but a few hours later just walking still felt a little like a sprain/strain or something. So maybe I'll skip the Paris Mtn training run, and the 20k. Again. I still want to do that run! Now that the GTC Running Series points have been updated - and I am only 20 points out of 3rd place for my age group - it was tempting to go ahead and say I will do the 20k. Then I looked around at the standings, last years 20k results and decided there was No Way I could possibly finish in the top 3. Oh 2 year streak is over. Was still surprised how high you can get being as slow as I am. It just pays off to do all the races!

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Ruthie said...

Be careful with the ankle. I twisted mine stepping off a rental car bus in Denver. Out of commission for running for almost 3 months.