Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paris Mountain Summit!

So I went out and met the group for the last/3rd Paris Mountain training run this morning at 8am. Cool and rainy (although I didn't get rained on at all). I made it up to the summit!! My 1st time ever runnig the mtn so I was excited to be able to do it. Having run just 1 other day this week (Monday ran 1 mile) and not much at all last week either - I felt good. Was good to run with people I must say. Brina - from the Greer Half and I ran up together on and off with others in the group of 12 or so. Lots of people out at Furman (Team in Training groups mostly). Only issue with my run was behind my right knee - got a little sore just before I got back to the mall at Furman Univ. Was fine once I stopped. The whole group except for myself ran the whole 12.4 mile course, but I only did the ~3.8 up to the top, then turned around and came back. 40 minutes up, 35 minutes back. Not sure when my next run/training will be...Hopefully Sun or Monday. Could be Tuesday. I haven't been keeping up with other blogs, but will soon (I hope!)

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