Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trail run!

So I did the Paris Mtn 11k Trail run this morning. Great day for it - beautiful colors - not that you can admire it too much when you have to watch every step you take. Came thru with no major twisted ankles, just a lingering soreness in my left ankle. It appeared during the marathon for a few early miles (6-8?) then went away. Took my time at the start, let those running for real time go ahead. Had a consistent group the first few miles, then once we started going uphill, many fell off the pace. Had a good walk up the worst of it - and then it spread out pretty well. Ran right behind Megan for quite a while (just before the top). Felt good just to be outside. (Raked leaves in my back yard for 90 minutes last night - wondered during the race how long it would take to rake the course?!). Finished in 1:10 and change. Good to know I can run that hard for that distance so soon after NYC. Got some good advice on marathons/recuperating from GTC member J.J. (Thanks!) Chatted with Marion (She's ready - here comes a 3:40 in SA next weekend!). Started looking at marathon training schedules yesterday - will ease into it with another slower week, with a 10 miler next weekend, then up it to 15 or so after that. Of course everything depends on the baby and when the time to appear is. Ran today with my cell phone (a first for me!) and will continue that...can't take that risk if I want to be able to keep running after the baby comes! Back to yoga on Monday and a couple more easy runs at lunch next week. Still undecided on the Paris Mtn 20k or the 5k. We'll see how the next 2-3 weeks go!

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