Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4:08:38! 2nd PR in 2 weeks. I Love NY!

I Finished! I ran about the time I expected to! I can move afterwards! Those were my three main goals in the NYC Marathon and I accomplished them all. I just got back around 9:45pm last night and there's a lot to say, so don't exect it all to come in one or two posts.
It was Wonderful. The crowds were amazing - people along the whole course, sometimes 6-8 people deep, making so much noise you just had to run with a smile on your face! Can't count the # of times that happened.
Will get to the details later - but ran consistent 9:05's the first 10 miles (give or take). Knew it was a little fast, slowed to ~9:40's eventually. Had some leg issues starting at ~20 (that rare behind the knee thing I get) that had me down to 10 min miles. Ran thru it. Next was general leg tiredness from 22-24, ran thru that. (It's nice they don't linger, just moving on to somewhere else!). 24-26.2 was the muscle just above my right knee - wanting to cramp up the last 2+ miles. Had to run with that or I'm not sure how it would have went!
Walked 2 miles afterwards to exit Central park and meet friends. Walked ~5 miles Monday in NJ to do something. Pretty sore today for my hips to knees, but very manageable. Going downstairs is the worst (but still manageable)
Took pictures along the way - will have those on here once they get developed. Finished 15672 out of 38000+. Had my 2nd PR in 2 weeks, cutting 10 minutes off my only previous marathon in 2001!
More in another day or two. Yippee! Glad it's over...but already thinking about the next one!

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FLJ said...

this is where you can qoute that old roman guy: Veni, Vidi, Vici!

good show!