Saturday, December 13, 2008

4 PR's in 6 weeks - what gives?? Choosing a shorter race.

Paris Mtn 5k. 7th time I've run this (I missed 2004 when I did No races!). Fastest was my 1st (fastest 5k ever until Oct 2008). After the Spinx 5k and NYC - I haven't been doing too much training at all, so another PR was quite a surprise. (Still have the heel thing, but put in a heel insert earlier this week, and that helps, I'd say it's at 80%). 22:27, so another 13 second drop. Won't have that at Greenville News next month! Nice cool weather (~35deg and sunny). I've always felt uncomfortable not running the longer of the races when there are multiple events on the same day. If there's a 5k and a 10k - I feel like I should do the longer one. As I've never done the 20k - it had always bothered (May be a strong word - but just seemed something was missing) me seeing other people running it as I drive home having done the shorter 5k. Today was different though. Having ran up the mountain 2 weeks ago - and knowing that I Could have done that race today, plus being smart for once and Not running one that I maybe shouldn't - I felt good about choosing to do the shorter race. I'm always for cheering on runners - it amazes me how many people are at the finish line standing there quietly until they see the one person they know - then they cheer. Too bad they can't cheer a little for the other people - it certainly puts extra spring into their steps! I'm off subject - and I have my baby here - so I'm off a few days! It Does feel good to run on the weekend again! Don't want another break for a while!

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