Thursday, December 4, 2008

heel issue, shopping

So I am having a left heel issue. It is actually more on the outside of the side of the heel. Not sure if I hit it on something, it was aggravated by poor mechanics up (or down) Paris Mountain or what. I did run 4 miles on Mon and Wed with no apparant issues - this kind of crept up on me Wed sometime. Anyone know what a heel spur is or feels like?
Anyway - My Paris Mtn run is in jeopardy I guess. I should rest a few days and see how it goes. Didn't even want to ride the stationary bike today even thought that probably would have been fine.
So - on to more exciting things - shopping! Well, shopping for running stuff. Another week or two should bring some new Asics 2130's (same model I am currently wearing, hopefully on sale), another pair of Race Ready shorts, and maybe a second pair of running tights. Is there a manlier name for them? Compression pants? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

The only way you can make "thights" manly is by adding techonology.. and marketing lingo such as "improved efficiency". Its a little like the moisturising thing. .real men dont moisture but they DO use body wash with "powerful hydration technology"..