Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paris Mtn 5k

So I am going to drop down to the 5k I think. Heel is still an issue, but getting better. Ran 5.5 today and felt fine. I could probably do the 20k, but am looking ahead to the Green Valley 10 miler in Feb and the GW Parkway 10 miler in April. Got back to doing yoga yesterday and getting some cross training in last week too. Still working on getting my mileage back up to 20/wk. Wish I hadn't pushed too hard on the trail run - but I hope I have learned my lesson!
With the temps and weather lately, I am glad to be able to get out and run during my lunch time. Have too much going on in the mornings with the new baby to even think about doing more before work. Getting on here is a chore, but mostly due to my in-laws being here and staying in the computer/guest room. After Friday - hope to get back to a more regular thing on here!

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