Monday, December 29, 2008

Goals for 2009.

In response to Megan's goals and her possibility of doing a marathon, thought I should get mine down officially. I may be repeating some, but they will all be here!
#1: Break 1:20 in the 10 mile distance. Two tries planned - Feb 7 and Apr 26 (assuming there is No marathon a week later). I would say break 22 minutes in the 5k, but I only have one planned right now (Run Downtown Jan 24th), and I won't say I will PR there. I will Not do all 10 races of the GTC Running Series in 2009 (as in 2008), but should do 7 or 8 of them. I will do Sunrise, and even though I could possibly PR there (38:32 is current PR from 2002), I will likely do my 1st race pushing a stroller! Very excited about that. Technically - I could call that a PR w/ stroller. There - another goal, #2: do a race with my daughter. #3: do a marathon with my brother, which should be Richmond, assuming all goes well with his (and my) training after his Many many years of not running (but completing 2 marathons ~15 years ago). Want to attempt a PR in a marathon and break 4 hours, but not sure I'll be able to find one to do in May where the weather will permit it. NC marathon in Greensboro is great location-wise (May 2nd), but avg lows of 55 and highs of 77. I will play that one by ear...I expect I will PR in the GTC 2 miler in July, and hope to in the 15k Biltmore race I am planning to run in again this year. I will Not PR in the 10k this year. That is a given.
Guess that will do it. 3 strong goals, and maybe a few more PR's if things go well! One more run tomorrow before the year ends, and will start it off New Years Day with a 5 Mile run with speedwork. Best of luck to everyone who sets any kind of goals for 2009, even if it is just to get out and walk One day!

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