Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to the long run!

This past week, did 4 miles twice during lunch on the ICAR campus and a yoga class (plus 1 mile on the treadmill beforehand). So this was my first weekend long run (not counting the marathon) since mid-October. Went out in the sunny 59° weather with some wind which was very nice and wanted to see how far I could muster, hoping for 10 miles. Ended up doing just that! Felt good too. Muscles a little tight, but feet/heel/felt great! This past week I started planning my training for the next few months - a 10 miler training plan (leading up to Green Valley) and following that up with a half marathon training plan for the GW Parkway 10 miler. Hmmm - now that I look at the plan - I was only supposed to do 8 today. Oh well! May have found a Half marathon to do right after that up in Hickory, NC. After 6 PR's last year, I think I have some more in me (15K, 10 miler, not sure about the 10k, but hopefully the half and full marathons too! Throw in the 2 miler I do every summer too).
Odds and ends: Baby is obviously doing well - and I am always Very thankful my wife understands my need to run (she's seen my crankiness when I can't run). No real vacation this holiday season, so my running should be about normal. Pumped up the tires on the jogging stroller we have even though I won't be able to use it until the baby is ~6 months old (May). May try it out on the Sunrise Run 8k. Almost time for shoe-sale season - will probably get another pair of my 2130's. Got "Once A Runner" and the sequel, "Again to Carthage" (Haven't read that one yet" for x-mas from my brother. Very excited to find it - Fleet Feet has them exclusively I think for a few more months. That'a all today...hopefully more before next weekend!

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