Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long run and nowhere to go.

Sunday was my scheduled long run, which is supposed to get your body in shape for longer events, like a marathon. I've missed a few training runs over the last 6 weeks of a 16 week program, but nothing to make a marathon unrealistic. Today was 18-20 and I stopped at 18 feeling pretty good! 40° and a heavy rain the first 10-12 miles, followed by a lighter rain until mile 16 when it decided to stop. No real issues, but could feel my hips a bit at the end, and some lower back aches afterwards (my posture must get poor after so many miles, after NYC was particularly bad) . My pace was amazingly even, right at 7:30/lap give or take for 20 laps. So - basically decided my hopeful marathon out in Spokane, WA (inaugural Windermere Marathon) is not going to happen. Combination of work-travel hiatus and a 5 month old at home (in May). So after looking for other races nearby (good luck finding them around here in May/June unless you want the twisted ankle trail marathon or the Chattooga trail 50k!). I actually looked up 50k training plans as that one did appeal to me. Double up on my weekend long runs, and trade a Wed cardio for running, I think my bosy could take it, but the extra couple of hours every Saturday is more than I want to give up. Plus, the 50k is ealry June and I do not run well in the heat!
All that said - I will just keep doing long runs (maybe 15 miles max), normal weekly training and see if I can get my times to come down more. Then I'll be in better shape for Richmond in November. (My brother's 1st run went well, about 5 miles, with only a little knee pain, cardio issues. His 10k is in 2 more weeks).

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