Saturday, March 7, 2009

RRR 2009 watches & bandits

So I've been running races since 2000. I always wear a watch and time every mile of my races and training. I know how to use it. Most of the time. The starting command was given and I hot start. Watched it count off just to make sure. As I got towards the chip mat, I was going to hit the lap button (same one as the start button) to get a starting time there. About 3 minutes later I look down at my watch and it was stopped at 11 seconds. I hit the wrong button. Doh! Thought about re-starting it, but decided to reset it and start it over at the 1st mile marker. That at least gave me someting to do each mile - calculate my "real" time - besides huff and puff. I did get thrown off once though, not believing I was at the 4 mile mark because of the time my watch said. I quickly realized the issue, did the math, and was back on.
So the race was good. Just a little too warm for me. Had to be at least 60 at the start and sunny. (I'd prefer 40). They had stopped registration for the 5k/10k yesterday at 1:30pm when they hit 5,000 entries. I saw at least 2 bandits (they told me they were) after the race as one inquired about the GTC Running Series. And she is a member. That's too bad. If they are going to bandit-run, they should at least be kind enought to Not take the refreshements for the paid runners.
So last year (and I was in decent shape) I ran 49:24, fastest since my 46:04 2001 PR at Cooper River. Now I have had all those consecutive PR's, but coming off a cold, did not expect to break that one, and I was right! I still ran just over a 47 (will have to wait for the official results, but may be about a 47:09? chip time). Only 1 minute off, but still my fastest 10k in 8 years, which was about what I was expecting/hoping for, so I am happy with it! :-)
I didn't see my rabbit (Linny) until the finish, he got me by about 30 seconds. He ran 19 yesterday, so I mistakenly thought I had a chance!
This past week - I finally got back into running/working out. Ran 2 on Tuesday. Wed was 30 minutes on the stationary bike. Thursday was an after work run - 2 laps (kind of but not really - easy, 3 laps at 6:00/lap with 1/2 lap jogs, then 1 cool down lap for 6.3 miles. Maybe not the best idea 2 days before a race, but that's ok. Was good to match my plan finally. (I was supposed to do 18 this weekend, but because of the race, I will just go and do around 12 tomorrow to get in 18 for the weekend!). Not sure if I'll do a race before the GW Parkway Classic 10 miler in late April...

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