Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making a plan

Guess I missed a weekend writing huh? (Not that many, if anyone, missed it!) Guess it hasn't been too eventful. 10 miles last weekend, 2 days running, 1 day yoga this week and 11 miles this morning. Two straight weekends of running in the sunshine, although today had a fierce wind going. Running has been kind of blah lately. Seem to have hit a plateau with it not really getting any easier. Motivation has waned some too. Think I may have to do the before-work running I used to, I just don't know how long to wait until it is lighter outside. Also - not having a big run (over the 10 miler) to train for, focus on may have something to do with it. Easier to say I'll stop after 11 today instead of the 12-15 I had originally planned to do. I found a half marathon to do 9 weeks away, but haven't thought of my training for that. I will do that this week, then have 8 weeks of a plan! I usually go to Runner's World and use one of their's with some modifications. The 3 days running a week plan. Keep thinking of making it 4 though. I did that for about 5 weeks earlier this year - maybe it is time to mix it up some! I'll work on it and see how I feel!

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