Tuesday, March 3, 2009

healed....and pre-snow runnung!

so the 2 days of rain postponed the Alumni soccer game. Very glad, because I was still hurting...getting better, but hurting (the glute-thing, not the sick-thing!). I started feeling Much better on Saturday and planned a long run for Sunday - even with rain/snow in the forecast. Having Not done over 10 miles in 6 weeks, and having run 5.5 miles (plus a soccer practice) TOTAL the previous 2 weeks, I really had no idea how I'd do. Since I missed my 14 and was supposed to do 16 this weekend, I was hoping for more than 10, and would stop at 14 if I got there. So at 9:30am Sunday I started out...rain coming down steadily. 35°. Set out my water, energy Gu, and plodded out. Went at a slower pace than what I'd been; didn't need to push, right at a 7:30/lap pace. (8:30/mi or so). Guess the rain wasn't that heavy until I'd gone 3 or 4 laps - by then I was soaked thru. Little wind to deal with on the back side of the lake. Did my standard countdown, how much further until I hit 10 laps, 12 laps, etc...didn't feel too badly. Until I was on lap 13 - my right knee started feeling it. Decided halway around that would be it. 11.7 miles and I'd take it! Haven't yet given up on a May marathon, but getting close. I'll give it 2 more weeks. I have Reedy River Saturday (which turns the planned 18 to 12, which is fine) and the following 20 miler, which I'll plan on 17-18. I could end up being only one 20 miler short of my NYC training...not too bad considering!
Oh - the soccer game is March 9th...and all that rain turned to snow Sunday night...5" when it was done. Ran 2 on the treadmill today to avoid the ice. Supposed to be in the mid-60's for Saturday - should be perfectly in the mid/upper 40's for Reedy! Not expecting to PR - which could break my current string of...6 straight! I've only come within 3 1/2 minutes of my 2001 PR in last year's race. I was almost 1 minute slower thru 6miles than my 10k PR if that's a better indication!

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