Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before GW Parkway 10 miler

So 5 days out. Last weekend I had a short 10 mile run that actually wasn't great. Not bad, but not great. I chalk that up to hitting golf balls on Wednesday for the 1st time in a year (really stretches the inner thigh/groin) as well as 19 miles the previous weekend. Had a nice yoga class Monday and a good 5 miler this morning. Will get one more run in Thursday morning before heading up to DC (via an overnight in Richmond). My current plan for the 10 miler and my scheduled 20 miler the same day...hmm, had a plan but just heard from my HS buddy who is runnign it and he had a thought that sounds good, and is what others have suggested. I think I will run my 10 miles Before the race. My pal (Dave) said I should skip the shuttle and run from the finish to the start (or the 5k to the start) to get my mileage in, but I think I will go to the start and do an out and back and try to get my full 10 in before the race. Shuttle leaves at 6am, will get to the start by 6:20 or so, if I do 1:30 for the 10 (which is exactly what I did in NYC and would love to do here), then I could turn around and run the race to try and finish in 1:30. That would be 6 minutes faster than NYC at 20 miles and would be Thrilled with that.
I doubt I will be posting from DC - so you'll just have to wait until I get back on the following Tuesday (will try ot post Wednesday!).
Side note: Congrats to the Boston finisher's! Don't see me qualifying...I like the term one friend used for himself - a "recreational marathoner". I like that alot...

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