Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making a plan - and now changing it!

So – I decided (with the help of work and the current economic downturn) that I would Not try to go out to Spokane for the inaugural Windermere Marathon on May 16th – that was 2-3 weeks ago. I felt off for not having something specific (outside the GW Parkway 10 miler) I was training for, so I found the Hickory Half Marathon in early June, set up an aggressive training plan. Started on it this week with a big change – would now run in the morning Before work instead of at lunchtime. With Spring/summer on the way, and the heat – that was inevitable. 2 runs this week went well, including a nice tempo run in a light rain today at 6:30am.
Today – I find out I have to go to Spokane for work. Of course the best time for me is the same week I had hoped to go out there for the marathon (how great is that!?). So now I have to completely change my running plans (and change the races I had decided to do once the marathon was not an option) and hope to boost my long runs up again. Luckily – I had kept my weekly mileage over 20, but I am missing some long runs. Last 5 weeks had them all between 10 and 13, plus one of 18. So up until race day - I will try to do two 16’s, a 20, and then the 10 miler race plus some extra miles that day as I am supposed to be doing another 20 there. Looking back to my NYC training – the last 12 weeks I had 2-13’s (incl one half marathon race), 2-16’s, an 18 and 2-20’s. I would be at about the same level as back then – which is great!
It’s also perfect timing to break in my new 2140’s (Speaking of shoes – I recently donated 3 old pair of Asics, Landreth’s and Nimbus, 2 pair had hardly any miles on them – just the wrong style for my feet! – Thanks to Fleet Feet for taking them and providing them to the needy!)
I can feel the excitement! Here we go again!!

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