Thursday, April 9, 2009

planning; cheating miles

So I have reserved my hotel room the night before/after the race, planned out the flights and my stay for work. Now I just need to register. I plan on taking care of that next week. It will not be closing - I've already heard from the race director. It will certainly be interesting doing a race with just a few hundred (I expect) instead of the 35,000+ at NYC. It will be interesting to see how I react to that...the miles of no fans between trail access points, nothing but the fast flowing Spokane River (Note - they had the most snow ever this season; last year was the 2nd or 3rd most ever). Anyway - so my training is fine this week. Got in my two runs, 6 slow miles and 7 miles (including 5 at a good, almost 10k pace). Sunday is my first 20 miler. I got on Google Earth the other day and did some measuring...the lap I have been doing on and off for Years (since I started running in 2000) came out to 0.85mi. I had always used 0.9 as I wasn't exactly sure and it's easier to do the math in my head when I'm on lap 17 or more. So I guess my 16 miler last weekend was actually 15.3 or so, but I don't care./ I used 0.9 last year training for NY and it worked out fine.
Got the latest issue of Runner's World in the mail the other day. Nice excerpt form "Once a Runner" that I have been reading aloud to my 4 month old. Can't say she's paying attention, but I'd like to think she's getting some of it in there!

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