Sunday, April 12, 2009

a mile short, but happy to have made it that far!

Set out this morning at 6:50am for my long, slow ~20 miler. Wish I could have slept in, but you have to put in the time if you want to do a marathon. I do anyway. Started out fine. GOt talking with a local resident for about 7 minutes after 3 laps, which I hit the lap time instead of stop, so that wreaked havoc on my lap count the rest of the run. Concentrated on my posture (no ipod today...wanted the focus), which seemed to hold up fine. 14 laps in started to feel it somewhere, but for the life of me, can't remember where?! I know my hips felt it a litytle bit later. My right groin felt it for a few laps, then went away. It's funny how things appear, nag at you for a few miles, then disappear quickly, to be replaced temporarily by another. OK - maybe not so funny, but it does happen that way frequently. Had a side stitch for 200 yards or so after 16 laps. Where did that come from? I know I was running faster than I planned, but not enough to get that! No ankle issues. Nothing at all in my hamstrings or calves. Lower back felt good. Oh - wore my newer Asics 2130's (red) and they are officially my current shoe. 450 miles or so on my last pair. No blisters either with only 17 miles up until now on them, so that's pretty good! So...that leaves...the knees. Outside of my right one acted up after 20 laps. 21 laps had me running with a slightly pronounced limp, so I stopped after 22 laps (or about 19 miles). I'll call that close enough! Have not felt the knee since I stopped, so I don't expect it will flare up again at least until another 18+ mile run. Being on my feet for 4+ hours yesterday shopping at Ikea in Charlotte probably had my legs a little tired today also, but I look at that as a positive thing. Dropping back down to 12 or so next weekend. GW Parkway 10 miler 2 weeks away, Windermere Marathon 5 weeks out.
Oh - due to the shopping trip (which was planned as a get together with friends from Durham), I missed running the Furman 5k which Boston Billy ran in (Bill Rodgers). Looked to be a lot of fun!

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